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The dream of writers and visual artists is to share their work with others. On-demand printing makes it possible for anyone to put their work in print. But for many creators, the technical requirements of on-demand printing prevent their work from taking printed or electronic form.

Access Publication Design removes that last barrier to printing and publication. APD is the bridge from creation to publication.
On-demand printers such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing  and lulu.com require a properly formatted electronic file in order to print copies of a book. For many creators, that is a significant barrier. Access Publication Design can turn your text and images into a well-designed, attractive product with a print-ready file. With the print-ready file in hand, the creator need only upload it to an on-demand printer.

Once the file is uploaded, anyone can purchase one or more copies of the book online. The creator also can purchase and distribute the printed copies as he or she sees fit. Unlike working with a commercial publisher, self-publishing gives the creator full control of the content and marketing of their work.

Access Publication Design can produce designs and print-ready files for many different products. These include books, manuals, flyers, and magazines. For example, if you’ve wanted to put your family history into print, APD can help you do that. We can do church histories and other documentary books. We offer assistance with writing and editing, if needed.

Let us help turn your dream into reality. Contact us today!

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