How much does it cost?

How much does it cost to have my book designed?

Fees start at $100 and are agreed to before work starts on your book. Access Publication Design charges for the service of taking your content and creating a print-ready electronic file that can be submitted to an on-demand printer. The files we produce can be used to sell your work on as a print book and/or an e-book.. We are neither a publisher nor a printer. You choose the printer and we prepare the file for that printer. We also can create an E-book from your manuscript.

Costs depend on several factors:

The number of pages;

The complexity of the design;

The number of images that must be scanned, if necessary;

Text keyboarding or scanning of printed text, if necessary;

Advanced Image editing, if required;

Text proofreading, if requested;

Complexity of cover design;

A very simple book – a manuscript without interior images or graphics – would cost a minimum of $100. This would include a basic cover design and scanning of up to two images for the cover. One proof copy of the book would be included. The proof copy is an actual printed copy of the book as it would be delivered to anyone who ordered it. If APD makes errors in the proof copy, they will be corrected and an additional proof copy will be provided at no additional charge.

After the proof copy is accepted, the book will be available to anybody on-line for as long as you want it to be available. APD’s owner, Tim Wood, has produced books that have been available on-line for as long as 12 years and counting..

Each client will have different ideas of what they expect from their finished product, so it is difficult to predict the exact cost without a personal consultation..

By working with APD, you have creative control over the appearance of your book. You are not forced to accept a generic design if you use APD. We work with the client to create the design of their book from scratch. This includes the typefaces, size of type, size of the book, position and size of graphics and photographs, and many other details.

APD’s services are a good value because of the creative control and personalized service you receive.

How much will it cost to print a book?

The printing cost depends on the choice of on-line printer, format of the book (width and height), the number of pages, whether it is softcover or hardback, and if color is used on the inside pages.

APD is not a printer. We produce files that can be used by on-demand printers. Each on-demand printer’s prices vary. APD can help you get estimates.

Take into consideration the cost of APD’s services. Let’s suppose you pay APD $200 for design services. You plan to buy 40 copies of your book for yourself and to give away.. The printer charges $10 per book, for a total of $400. Add in APD’s services and that’s a total of $600 for 40 copies, or $15 per copy. The more books you buy, the less the printer will charge per copy. Your overall cost also will go down as the cost of APD’s services is divided over a larger number of books.

If you offer your book to the public via on-line sales, you will set the price for your book. The difference between the price you set and the cost of printing is your profit per book. If your profit is four dollars per book and you pay APD $200, then you’ll recover your design costs after 50 books are sold. (This doesn’t account for money spent on marketing and advertising your book.)

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