How Does Self-Publishing Work?

How does self-publishing work?

First, you create something! Write a novel. Assemble a collection of your best short stories. Imagine a book of your best photographs or artwork!

Then, let Access Publications Design go to work. We will take your work and give you a book that you can hold in your hands – that you can sell – or give away – all without having to buy a minimum number of copies. You’ll get a book that anyone can order online, even off of!

APD takes your manuscript and/or images and turns them into a print-ready digital file that can be submitted to an on-demand printer. Once the file goes to the on-demand printer, you or anyone else can order as few as one copy of the book or as many as you wish. APD charges for the work of designing the appearance of the book, digitizing the images, and formatting the content into a print-ready file.

Your print-ready file is uploaded to the on-demand printer of your choice. Examples of on-demand printers include and Kindle Direct Publishing, which is part of

Anyone can go to the web site of the on-demand printer and order one or more copies of the book, which will be shipped to them. There is no minimum order of books.

Your book also can be converted to e-book format and be made available that way.

ADP creates a custom design to fit your specifications. We don’t use cookie-cutter templates. You have final say over details such as the typography, layout, type size, and all other details. We offer highly personalized, one-on-one service. It starts with a free consultation.

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